2017 Grammys

The Grammys! The shit show of awards show fashion. I can’t. I lit-er-ally can-not. It’s just so insanely ridiculous, it’s too good. But this year, other than Cee Lo Green and Joy Villa, which I refuse to comment on in this blog, I was a little disappointed in the hideousness of the ensembs. There were a few, but what happened to the days where Lady G arrived in an egg, ya know?

This year, we had a few real misses (and some that I hate to even put pen to paper due to my absolute love for the person wearing them.)

Katie Perry

I was so excited for this outfit! She Snapped the top and I saw her makeup and hair and almost passed out from elation. Then, she came out for the full show and I wanted to rip off every single tacky feather on the Tom Ford skirt and cut all the excess off of that turtle neck. Can you imagine if this entire turtle neck chic blouse was a body con dress on her in-sane hour shape figure? Come on! She looks like a grandma albeit a chic one.

Girl Crush

I honestly could not tell you who this person is or what she sings. All I know is that she looks like an asshole.


I honestly BARELY know who you are which means now is not the time to wear a dumb outfit. Become Lady G and then we'll revisit this.

Taraji P Henson

She’s got a lot to live up to because we all know Cookie is bri-ing-ing-it on the daily. This was so confusing. The sleeves, the lavender the appliqués and the wrinkles….good God the wrinkles.

Elle King

DRESS FOR YOUR SHAPE. She is absolutely gorgeous and this busy print is doing no-th-ing for her. I can’t even imagine how amazing she’d look in a figure-flattering solid.

I really want to bring up Celine Dion but I’m afraid I’ll disappear immediately and never return. So, I'll leave it up to you to discover.

Other disasters: Andra Day, Laverne Cox (I know, I’m sorry!), Santigold, Jacqueline Van Bierk, Heidi Klum, Cassadee Pope, Sibley Scoles


Now, for the best dressed. The winners of the red carpet. The fashion forward men and women who make my heart happy...


Need I say more?

Kat Graham

This is insane. Top to bottom the striped gown in the perfect cut, slicked hair and the most gorgeous red lip. This is a home run for me.

Paris Jackson

We all know I die for a Balmain Army Girl. When she came on the red carpet I immediately exclaimed she was my first favorite. I love the colors of this gown, the drapes and the cut-outs and her hair is amazing!

Rihanna in Armani Privé

Holy shit. I have no words. I am so obsessed with this entire look. Her tattoo under the gorgeously fitted crop top? Um. Sexy! And the fullness of the skirt contrast with the skimpiness of the top? Die. Hair and earrings are perfection. Such a fun Grammys look.


Hello, regal. (I realized after I wrote this that it is ironic.) Riccardo Tisci, a good Italian boy and GIVENCHY, knows how to design for the women with curves. She looks beautiful! I love a long sleeve and the cinch at the waist? I’m here for it.

Diana Gordon

If you don’t know this Queen, she wrote and produced with Bey on her Lemonade album. I loved this simple, chic black gown with fun cutouts and tied sleeves to Grammy-it-up.


Do I like this outfit? No. Do I think she’s insane and die for it? Yes. But Gaga makes my best dressed list in that she did not let the insane body-shamers get the best of her and came out looking so fierce in basically nothing. For those men and women who said her stomach was over her shorts at the super bowl? F*** you.

Chance the Rapper

Screen Shot 2017-02-17 at 10.13.21 AM.png

What a cool way to rock a two piece suit. I loved this entire ensemble for the Grammys. His signature ball cap with a super structured grey suit and the shoes bringing the cap back? So cool. It was just dressy enough but totally indicative of his signature style.

Other greats: Maren Morris in Michael Costello, Chrissy Teigen, Demi Lovato, Lea Michele (gown only), Carrie Underwood, Faith Hill

Overall, it was a better day for best dressed than the worst. But hey, maybe they are finally figuring it out? Hire a stylist. Not a weird one. Like, a fab one, Rachel Zoe or something. OK? Cool.

Blogger PSA: If you want to feel old, try to watch the Grammys and realize how many people you don't know.

See ya soon!

Gift Guide: Men, this for you. This is Valentine's Day.

Men. In just about one week, the day where love is in the air, cupid is flying high and chocolates are an essential food group is here.

So, I’m going to help you out and drop a little knowledge. Because let’s admit it, you need a lot of direction. A lot.

And honestly, I’m really against red roses in general. I also don’t want a heart shaped chocolate box. And I certainly do not want an Everlasting, Best Friends, Soulmate…whatever the f*ck necklace, ring or bracelet from any store in the mall that you saw on a commercial. Not for me. I mean, they are great and all for others, but just not my vibe.

Here are my top 5 gifts for Valentine’s Day

Perfume. What could be more romantic than a gorgeous scent picked out by a significant other because he thinks it’s perfect for you? Nothing. Unless it smells terrible and in that case, that’s what gift receipts are for. Currently, I’m obsessed with My Burberry Black. It’s amber and musky and I love it. But, if your girl typically goes floral, this isn’t for her.

Jewelry. There are so many places to get great jewelry that is extremely well-made while being unconventional and fun as well. I love these stacking rings on Etsy, anything from Catbird and Baublebar is sure to go over well.

Sneaks. I luuurve a good his and hers sneaker situation. I have been seriously coveting these adorable Nike’s for-ever and—they’re pink! Perfect for your Valentine. Then pick up a pair for yourself and watch the “Awww” on her face.

Books. Books are so personal. I love, love, love a coffee table book. You only buy someone a coffee table book if you know it’s something indicative of their style and personality and that they will love to put it out for everyone to see on their…you got it, coffee table. If you’re wondering what’s on my wish list, duh.  But, this Kate Moss by Mario Testino is amazing too. So chic.

Lingerie. Not cheap lingerie. I like a Victoria’s Secret, but it’s been done and a little tired, right? Throw her off with a gorgeous, delicate unique piece or two. I’m obsessed with For Love and Lemons. It's my go to in pretty much all things summer weddings and lingerie. I die for it. Just die.  L’Agent by Agent Provocateur (an affordable version for us champagne taste, beer budget’ers) and Fleur du Mal are great, too.

A few other ideas: a framed print, a great candle, a pair of shoes (always), lipstick (a fun red color, love a theme) or her favorite but expensive sugar scrub/lotion/facial oil.


Blogger note: If your lovely lady has a Pinterest page, buy something off of it and you’re sure to be a winner.

Second Blogger note: These are general gifts. If your girl loves a particular hobby, that’s always a win. Yoga mat? Yoga clothes? I swoon. Get it?

Third and final note: If you know her favorite store, walk in and ask for help. A lot of stores have records of past purchases for their loyalty members. The clerks can take a look, get a feel for her style and help you pick out something killer.

Good luck and happy shopping!


2017 Book List

I don't know if you all have already been planning your book lists for this year, but thanks to an impending trip to Mexico, my lists were set extremely early! I thought I'd share the books I'm looking forward to reading in 2017 and maybe, before 2018, I'll wrap them up for you!

Tools of Titans. This book written by Tim Ferriss has been getting ALL the praise lately. You may have read his book The 4-Hour Work Week. His podcast is amazing, if you have time to subscribe and listen, do it. Basically, this is a book that is a practical and inspiring guide to being your best self. Who couldn't use more of that?

Managing Oneself. This book is all about cultivating a deep understanding of yourself. Your strengths and weaknesses, how you work, how you operate, how you learn. In today's world, it's up to us to keep a productive career—companies today aren't managing their knowledge workers careers—we are our own CEO. So, let's learn how to do it well.

The ONE Thing. We all want less. Less emails, less calls, less stress. But we also want more. More productivity, more income, more satisfaction. How do we this? We learn the ONE thing from Gary Keller.

The Power of Now. So, I never really subscribed to The Secret. It just wasn't my jam. But as a recommendation from a spiritual guide, I am excited to dive into this book. Learning how to live a pain-free identity by living fully in the present. Less manifestation, more presence work. 

The Daily Stoic. This is a daily read. Wake up, read one page. Easy as pie. It's a year of quotes and life lessons from the three great Stoic sages.

Love Warrior. Love Warrior is a story of Glennon Doyle Melton (author) found in a marriage dissolving due to infidelity, hitting rock bottom and working to acknowledge that her deepest pain, held her invitation to a richer life. It guides us all to learning how we are born to be warriors: strong, powerful and brave. Able to confront pain and claim love that exists everywhere. It's a great read for anyone looking for deeper relationships and a more abundant and authentic life. Hello? All of us. 

The Universe Has Your Back. I've always been a huge fan of Gabrielle Bernstein. She is truly an enlightened woman that's lessons are practical enough for me to grasp on to, but enlightened enough that it connects to a higher power. The stories and lessons in the book guide us to release all of the blocks keep us from: happiness, security, clean direction. Relinquishing control so we can stop chasing life and just live.

The Anatomy of the Spirit. Another recommendation from a spiritual guide, it's a presentation of energy medicine. Showing how illness corresponds to a pattern of emotional and psychological stresses, beliefs and attitudes that correspond to areas of our body. A focus on the Chakras and seeing our body in a new way. A new hobby of mine, you may say.

And FINALLY, finish How Not To Die. The vast majority of deaths can be prevented through changes in diet and lifestyle. The top causes of premature death in America, things like: heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Parkinson's, high blood pressure and more, can be prevented and even intervened upon due to nutritional and lifestyle changes.

So, with a few vacations and a goal of less TV at night (I'm a terrible sleeper,) I think I've got it on lock. 

What are you reading? Any of these you might pick up?



My Experience in Cupping

I don't know about you all but I am really feeling this year as one of the best yet! (And for reference, I never say that!)

To start off the new year, I tried a new health treatment and I wanted to share with you all. Thai Massage and cupping. Thai Massage is a form of bodywork that incorporates Hatha Yoga, acupressure, and reflexology with origins dating back about 2,500 years.

Unlike kneading and continuous strokes in Western massage, the Thai method uses point pressure, muscle stretching, and compression, done in a rhythmic movement of gentle rocking.

Cupping dates back to 281-341 A.D. The origins are pretty amazing, used for restoring spinal alignment, and in very early days, diverting blood flow in surgery away from the surgery site. Cupping is used in over 60 countries to treat a broad spectrum of conditions such as headaches, musculoskeletal pain, infections, insect bites, hypertension, respiratory conditions, skin disorders, digestive problems, and infertility.  Dr. William Osler, considered the Father of Modern Medicine and one of the founders of Johns Hopkins Hospital, recommended cupping for bronchopneumonia and acute myelitis in the early 1900’s.

So, does it work? There are several theories on the mechanisms of cupping.  Skin is well vascularized – meaning it has a rich blood supply, and the applied suction has been found to increase circulation through dilating capillaries causing them to rupture – which causes the tell-tale circular bruises – and to promote lymphatic circulation. Cupping also exerts a positive effect on regulating the immune system and controlling inflammatory processes.

But, there really haven't been enough studies to determine it's benefit in particular treatments outside of neck, shoulder and back pain management. Lucky for me, I'm not dealing with any insect bites, snake bites, infections, respiratory conditions or herpes (yes, there is a study that says it's a good herpes healer.) So, pain management sounded great!

My experience:

I visited Harmony Studios in Willoughby to see Jessica Guerrieri.

I visited Harmony Studios in Willoughby to see Jessica Guerrieri.

The Thai massage was great. I would recommend this for athletes of any kind. Being right in the middle of my Yoga Teacher Training, I was sore and I knew my legs weren't in shape for a deep tissue massage but I needed something to just stretch out my body and give it some room, ya know? You lay on a mat on the ground with loose, yoga clothes on. The masseuse will be all over the place, so really you just close your eyes and become a wet noodle. The slow stretching and point pressure done right where it was needed felt wonderful.

Overall, it was very gentle but the stretches (especially the hips) were often more intense because you are held in them for a longer period of time. So, I came back to the breath and before I knew it, it was released and I felt relaxed and loose.

I then took part in a short add-on massage cupping. (I mean, Michael Phelps did it, right?) In modern day, many cups have their own suction systems versus the traditional glass cups heated with fire. My practitioner used both. So, what's it feel like?

It feels like a tiny little pull on your skin when they suction the cup down. You can feel the tightness dermally, but that's about it.

Then, the massaging commences. Holy sh*t. It hurts. A good hurt. Imagine the deepest, deep tissue massage you could ever have. They move the cup into specific positions on the back as needed and what it's doing is breaking up all the gross stuff, lactic acid etc. that your muscles keep within them. I took many, many deep breaths. And for reference, I have 12 tattoos including a large one on my ribs. I promise I'm not a whimp. It's really intense.

After, I learned I was at a pretty beginners level of suction. The more suction, the more painful the massage can be. I did bruise. But honestly, it wasn't a big deal to me and it clearly looked like exactly what it was...cupping. 

A mix of the traditional glass cups and new suction versions used on me.

A mix of the traditional glass cups and new suction versions used on me.

My back, day three.

My back, day three.

My back felt amazing. My shoulders and neck are the worst. They hold all of my stress and are often the focus spot for any acupuncture, massage etc. I have never felt such a deep massage (even though it wasn't exactly a massage) as I felt during the cupping. My shoulders were so loose. It was amazing.

My lower back was less of an ah-ha moment for me, but it still felt look to get the juices flowing through the massaging.

So, all in all. Thai massage? Recommend. If you need intensity, skip it and go with deep tissue but if you've just trained for a 10k, marathon, Warrior Dash—this is PERFECT. If you only get one, two, three massages a year, a deeper tissue might be more for you so that you can really get into the months that you're muscles have endured in between. But again, crossfitters, DO IT. You need it.

Cupping? Recommend. Seriously. Recommend. My shoulders felt so good. While it only lasted about 3-4 days (back to the real world, stress again commences) it was so worth it to feel the looseness that I'd been missing out on. The pain is a little real, but with breath you can get through anything. Right?

If you're interested? Jessica Guerrieri is your girl. A massage therapist for the last ten years, but well versed in many forms such as: deep tissue, trigger point, myofacial release, passive, Chinese cupping and more! She will work with you to determine what's best for your specific needs. 

Jessica's numerous accolades. 

Jessica's numerous accolades. 

Good luck and happy cupping!

Blogger Note: I did not receive any discounts, gifts or other compensation for this post. I simply wanted to share something that I am adding to my health regimen because it did so much for me, I want you all to try too!

The 2017 Golden Globe

Oh my gosh you guys, it’s awards season!

I love a good red carpet and I am thrilled to begin this 2017 season with food, jammies, fuzzy socks, red wine and my pups. It’s really the best way to judge women who’ve just spent hours on hair and makeup—not to mention prior workouts and starving themselves, ya know?

Before we begin, a quick round up of the men who just get it.

Ryan Gosling channeling La La Land (and typically I hate a theme on the carpet but it's Ryan Gosling and he gave an adorable ode to his wifey when he won—he's untouchtable,) Donald Glover bringing my favorite fabric in men’s formalwear (velvet) to the red carpet, Justin Timberlake, Rami Malek and Matt Bomer. 

Also, are you kidding me with this cuteness?

Now, let’s jump right in with the best of the best.

Drew Barrymore. Listen, I know her makeup is kind of a train wreck. But I absolutely die for her Monique Lhuillier gown. I loved the dark manicure and jewels and while yes, I could have encouraged an improved smoky eye—this ensemble is hippie perfection and couldn’t scream “Drew” more. Gorgeous. I’ll take it for my wedding dress someday. But really…hit me up Drew.

Kristin Bell in Jenny Packham is perfection. Yes, I love the color black but this dress structure is honestly ev-ery-th-an-g. Long skirt, long sleeves and that in-sane plunging neckline make the perfect combo of sweet and spice. She is gorgeous. Dax you lucky dog, you.

Mandy Moore in Naeem Khan. This bitch is back! This dress gives me life you guys. If you actually looked at the Khan gown closely you know it’s actually a gorgeous blue-tone. And it has a cape. A cape! Die. The hair is perfection, earrings are perfection—she looks regal, stunning. That's how you do a comeback (take notes SJP.)

Kerry Washington. I loved this. The entire ensemb is great. The plum lip, perfect blush and the slicked straight hair are all the perfect play off of her elaborate Dolce gown. It’s great and if you don’t see it, then you’re blind. And if this is truly something your Grandmother wore (ahem Twitter population) than damn—she’s one foxy lady.

My best dressed, after careful consideration and a night of sleep, and you guys I did not think this was the route I was going is…Ruth Negga.

Her custom Louis Vuitton made by Nicholas Ghesquiere himself is stun-ning. At first thought, I wished it had been on someone with a more flowing mane. Coming back to it this morning and with a better idea of it's beauty from photographs, I was left gasping for air. The structure, the zipper, the gorgeous futuristic silver paillette…I’m here for it. HERE. Shown up. It’s happening.

A few of my other favorites: Louise Roe, Blake Lively (Versace got her showing off those baby curves!), Reese Witherspoon, Goldie Hawn (Bow to the Queen) and Jessica Biel.



The first rule about Chrissy Teigen is that you don’t talk shit about Chrissy Teigen because she’ is just so damn cool. So, I’ll just leave you with that.

Natalie Portman in Prada. You know I hate to kick a pregnant lady when she’s down (hypothetically, you know standing on a red carpet next to 90 pound women when you’re feeling a bit more full if you will…) but Natalie Portman’s mustard yellow Prada gown is just too theme-y for me. I get it. You’re Jackie. But like, are you really?

Zoe Saldana almost always does it for me. But this pink Gucci is just too much. The amount of ruffles on the gown totally overwhelms her tiny figure and the bow too? It’s all just overkill.

Jessica Chastain looks like a 90’s prom nightmare in this powder blue floral mess. I literally can-not.

Emma Stone in Valentino. Again, I really dislike a “red carpet theme” and I feel like she may have taken this La La Land thing just a bit too far with the silver stars…everywhere. We get it. While she still looks ah-mazing, I hate the detail—hate.

Nicole Kidman…is beginning to scare me. I’m confused about her face. Does it move?

Felicity Jones in Gucci. She looks like the Pink Nightmare. I’m confused as to how this even happened? She’s a tiny girl and it makes her look twice her size and like she might be going to bed, or starring as Wendy from Peter Pan in her next role.


SJP. If this is an homage to Carrie Fisher than I’ll be the first to admit I’m the asshole. If not, then it’s just tragic styling. I guess we’ll never know…But really, she hasn't walked the carpet since 2007—this is your decided comeback? Girl.

A few others that I literally just can not talk about because, 1. Who are they and 2. I don’t believe they were serious for once second showing up in these ensembs. Anna Chulumsky, Kerri Russell,  Judith Light, Kristin Wig, Amanda Peet, Claire Foy, Winona ‘Steal yo’ Clothes’ Ryder (don't think I forgot,) John Travolta (plus, have you watch Leah Remini’s show?) and Michelle Williams.

Here are the outliers that from Twitter, I clearly learned I was in the minority on.

You guys…I did not hate Carrie Underwood and for real, I don’t even like her! But I thought it was very girly and very her and I actually loved the detail.

Lilly Collins in Zuhair Murad (and I love Zuhair Murad.) I’m just not that into it. I just feel like YAWN, we’ve seen it before ya know?

Amy Adams. Samesies. I’m bored.

I loved Sophie Turner, in fact, I’d say she’s top five best dressed at the event! And of course, she’s wearing Louis Vuitton so basically, bury me in this dress. Considering she’s on every worst dressed list this week I guess my opinion is not well received, but I was obsessed with this look. I honestly would have made her best dressed if I didn’t think you guys might think I’d lost my mind and never read this blog again. 

Thadie Newton. I thought she looked killer! The entire thing was perfect and anything but plain. If I didn't look like such a dirt ball in white, I'd ask to be buried in this too. 


So, what did you think? Who did you love, who did you hate? But really...who did you hate is so much more fun.