Cash Money

You may think because I dress so fabulously, that I spend all of my money on clothing and accessories. Well, I do. But, there is a fraction of my money that I use to help organizations that are near and dear to my heart. This year, I have made it part of my New Years Resolutions (if you read my last blog, you already know) to donate more to these organizations.

Do I really need another sequin dress? Or can I use that money to donate to someone/something who truly needs it and newsflash: French Connection isn't going bankrupt any time soon.

I am in full-on fundraising mode. I will be soliciting cash money from every Tom, Dick and Harry on the street and I will do it with no shame.

My Goals:

  • $500.00 donation to the Have a Heart Do Your Part Akron Children's Hospital fundraiser
  • At least five donations to the 2nd Annual Hitting 4 Home Golf Outing

My mother is an Akron Children's employee and I have been working the HAHDYP fundraiser for five years however; this is my first year as an official Change Bandit. I couldn't be more excited to raise money for the kids at Children's. To donate visit my page:

The second charity- Hitting 4 Home, is an organization aimed at positively influencing today's youth, of which I am a part. This organization was started when I was in high school in memory of my late friend, Jakob Gehring. I now serve on the board as Media & Communications Officer. Each year, we hold a golf outing to raise money for the organization's activities. This year, my goal is to get at least five food/beverage, or 50/50 raffle donations for the event. For more information visit OR, to donate e-mail me at:

So, expect me to be stealing change from your couch cushions, your pants, the laundromat, tip jars and your overall bank account-- for the next few months. I'm as persistent as a Girl Scout except you give me money and I give you no cookies in return. Sorry!