A Little Less Bullshit

It's Friday.  

Thank the Lord!


I am going to make you all privy to a little ritual that I perform each Friday. On Friday morning, I scour Pinterest for a quote, or message if you will, of the week. You might be thinking that this seems like a very 'Monday' activity to perform. Wouldn't I want to start the week off right, versus doing this on a Friday when I am exhausted from the entire week's trials and tribulations? Maybe.

But, in my very short amount of life (and I mean very short, I am no where near Botox yet!) I have realized that a week never ends up the way you think it will on a Monday. Mondays are full of hope, and energy. My brain races with thoughts of taking the week by storm and owning every second of the day. But, it never ends up that way.

Now, don't think that I am implying that every week begins full of promise and ends terribly. But, I am without a doubt proclaiming that no week ever ends up the way I think it will on a Monday.

On Friday-- things have gone wrong, I have been stressed, deadlines have been missed, life has happened in the four days preceding and I need to remind myself, 'it's all worth it'. I need to remind myself that I am lively, creative, fun, dedicated. I am not tired, exhausted, stressed, over worked.

I am happy.

Today's message:

In my opinion, we could all use a little less bullshit, and a little more ice cream.