Cleveland to Akron- All Aboard

Last weekend was the Lady Antebellum concert. What an amazing show it was, we danced and sang to all my favorite songs and Hilary- killed it! I can't even believe she just had a bambino. But, this post is not about that concert. This post is about love. You heard me, luuurrrvveee.

Lately, love has been all around me. My sister just got engaged to the love of her life, I took a trip with my girlfriends, the concert was filled with babies (high school seniors) all over their significant others somewhat inappropriately and my family has been so supportive although I've been not-so-kind lately. I am surrounded by love.

I have felt so many loves in my life, which at twenty-three reeling in an awful heartache, I would have told you I regret wholeheartedly. But recently, at twenty-five, I've been able to look back and understand why each and every love is, and was, so essential to my life.

I've had young love. What I've learned about young love is that it teaches you how to love when you are older. When you're young, you excel at the basics of loving someone (support, friendship, teamwork) but, you never learn about intimacy (not the kind on your parent's basement couch) and you never learn what to do when times get tough. Because there simply aren't any tough times.

I've had passionate, fighting, immature love. This taught me how exhausting it is to maintain a relationship where only one or two pieces of the puzzle are in place and the rest are missing. You will never finish it. Ever. Passion does not a relationship make.

I've had almost-adult to adult love. This may be the hardest type yet. You think you have it all figured out, and you know who you are and you know your relationship because you're not a child. But, then you don't. You find a career, a path and you change into a "real" adult. And, the relationship doesn't always evolve with you. Sometimes you don't grow together and sometimes what you thought was the end-all-be-all, isn't.

And I've had adult love. Nothing is rainbows and butterflies to quote Adam Levine. But, together as a team you make a commitment to be together, to work together on every aspect of a relationship. And you love each other the best way you know how, and then cross your fingers and hope for the best.

Kidding, kind of.

But there are other loves that I've experienced that are more amazing, and more valuable than any I've mentioned here. The love of my best friend.

Friends love you through it all, through all the awful and good relationships, the hard times, silly times, insane times, broke times, rich times--friend love is the best kind because it is unending and unwavering. It encompasses aspects of every love above, and beyond.

Friend love is the sit for four hours in a waiting room while they sow back on your finger that you nearly cut off- love. Or the, feed me ice cream on the car ride home because I can't drive and eat- love. Or, share your french fries and salad-love. There's nothing to compare it to. It's better than any relationship, it's always there and it's always real. I'm a better friend, because of the loves I've experienced.

A chapter of my life is ending, I'm moving from Cleveland back to Akron for the next twelve months to prep for a house purchase in my future few years. My roommate, best friend and soul mate and I have moved out of our house in The Heights and won't be living together. It's sad, it's new and it's definitely scary. But one thing I know for sure, is that this love- grows together.

This isn't the end for us, just a new beginning.

Warning: Graphic Image Below

This is a picture of what happens when we are apart for two days.

Knife incident, 4 hours in the ER with snacks, lots of stolen hospital supplies, stitches and a fake doctor later- it's safe to say we are in shambles without each other.