Knick-Knack Attack

Currently, I'm obsessed with knick-knacks. Christmas is around the corner, or whatever holiday I should be politically correct in saying, and all of my favorite stores are on-point with adorable, tiny, things that I simply must have. And yes, I am aware that the purpose of these "gift sections" is to give gifts, not receive your own gifts. I think. My hoarding of baby Buddahs, glitter staplers and leopard mugs is at an all time high. They are all just SO cute. What is it about something being small that makes it that much more adorable?

Puff Puff Pass Gold Ashtray, Urban Outfitters

The amount of love I have for this little, tiny, gold ashtray is unfathomable. And I don't even smoke...cigarettes. But, I can't get enough of it and I want it on my porch or table now!

I have always wanted to have my tea leaves read and now I can! For the mere price of $28 I can have the cutest little mug and book, too. Adorable, right? Also, let's be real- who hasn't always wanted adorable little sugar cubes for their tea as well? I know I have.

Puppy Porcelain Coasters, C Wonder

These adorable little babies combine two of my favorite things: booze and pups! (The fact that I only associate coasters with alcohol is probably an issue, huh?) I want them on just aboutevery table in my house. And of course, their Dachshund cheese plate brethren is completely essential for a girls night in.

Gem Erasers, Kate Spade

Who doesn't need gem erasers on their desk? Who? I can guarantee my days would be just a little brighter with these adorable diamonds around.

Cat Phone Stand, ModCloth

If you know me, you know my affinity for cat-related things, not necessarily cats. I'm a dog girl through and through. But, on any given day I could be playing "Name That Meow" or just giving a little "Purrr" to say hello to someone. Yes, I realize this is borderline workplace harassment. This little guy's name is "You've GATO a Call"...and three seconds later it was in my shopping cart.

So what have we learned here? 1. Anything is cute when it's in a smaller form (except, I guess, Kim K's ass) 2. I have a serious hoarding issue and 3. I can't seem to understand the concept of buying presents for anyone other than myself.

Happy Thursday!