Feeling Glittery Gold

The Golden Globes. Hi-lo fashion. How are you? I’ve missed you here in Cleveland. It’s Winter and although we all know I love a good poncho, I also love a good bronzed body in a sequin dress and dripping in diamonds. And right now, that is so far away for me. 20 lbs and an entire season away to be exact…

So this weekend, I lived vicariously through my celebrity faves at The Golden Globes.

It’s Friday- let’s start on a good note and chat about who slayed on that rouge rug I am so fond of.

Kate Hudson.

Let’s just get it over with. You all know I am obsessed with Kate. See tweet below:

She literally never gets it wrong. 1. Because her body is bangin’ 2. Because her body is bangin’.

Jessica Chastain. Va Va Voom, lady friend! Bam! That red hair, and pale skin looks amazing dripping in that bronze Versace gown.  I loved everything about this look. Which says a lot because…I don’t really like her.

Naomi Watts. For the simple reason that she wore a straight up Bulgari diamond snake on her neck. That is all.

Reese. What a MILF. I love that she still does CK circa Cruel Intentions. And hell, I love that her body still lets her do CK circa Cruel Intentions! She is glowing, the jewelry and hair is perfect and I mean, I love a girl who gets hammered, yells “Do you know who I am?” and then apologizes. We’ve all been there, am I right?

Julian Moore. Shimmery, metallic, gorgeousness. It’s the age approps version of the Chanel Dakota Johnson killed in and I love it. She looks to-die.

Dakota Johnson. Chanel. I mean it’s no wonder Christian wants to tie her up and do bad things with her, look at this emsemb! Also, can Chanel do any wrong?

I spoke too soon. It’s time for the Worst Dressed.

Keira Knightly. As my good friend Allison put it, “Did she steal her outfit from Mariah Carey?” I’m not sure. But, for custom Chanel- I couldn’t be more disappointed.

Lana Del Ray. Just stop it girl. Stop it.

Jennifer Aniston. I’m sorry but, I think I wore this dress to freshman homecoming. Yes, with the slit. I wasn’t the purest of ninth graders. I just don’t love it, and she is WAY too tan. Also, between us girlfriends Jen, never ever wear your hair up.

Kerry Washington in Mary Katrantzou. In who? Exactly. Bye.

Emma Stone. I lurve a good jump suit.  I own way too many. And when I saw this, I gasped for joy. But like the age-old mullet, business in the front…hot mess in the back. This bow is disgusting and overwhelms her petite figure. Cut the bow off, and you’ve got a win Lanvin. Also, I’m all about dressing for the occasion. To me, this screams People’s Choice—a little too casual if you will, for The Globes.

All in all, it was a great night for fashion. And in my parting goodbye to you all, I just ask that someone, ANYONE, starts a petition to please remove the mani-cam from E Live from the Red Carpet and also, put a feeding tube in Giuliana Rancic.

Happy Friday, ya’ll! Namaste.