Showering The Bride

My sister is getting married. So crazy. It feels like yesterday we were in trouble for fighting, sent to exile in our rooms, only to spend that time trying to figure out how to get back to each other to talk. Siblings, eh?

To shower the bride, we (MOH and MOH) drove all the way to Cincinnati to celebrate with a weekend of fun, friends and of course, a bit of lingerie. 

Saturday started with an amazing Bridal Brunch. A mimosa bar, one seriously delicious Strata, cupcakes and lots of gorgeous frilly, lacy items later—and our first official shower for the most official bride had passed. It was a beautiful morning with Cincinnati friends.

Although some of us our heading to Miami (insert Will Smith here) to Bachelorette Bash it up, on what happens to be my birthday this year—not all were able to make the trek. So, we had what I might refer to as a "pre-game" Bachelorette in the Natti. 

Nick Lachey, yes, Nick Lachey, college kids, and too many tequila shots. You know, the stuff Bachelorettes are made of and we were sufficiently hungover enough to head home on Sunday. 

One amazing weekend, for one amazing bride. Next stop: MIAMI BITCHES.


The Bride at Dinner #Blangin