Winter is Winding Down

I have been totally ignoring my award show duties on this blog.

I'm ashamed. I really, really am. There is nothing I love more than a good spray tan, in a beautiful couture gown. 

Managing the digital and social portfolios of my clients, has made me totally ignore my own. Regardless, Summer is around the corner and I can almost feel the Happy Hours, patios, concerts and Tribe games around the corner. With all of these things, comes the easy-going attitude that you can't help but acquire when you've got flip flops on your feet and sunnies on your face.

So what have I been doing the last month of this cold, cold winter? The synopsis:

  • Buying way too many bathing suits, none of which I like, for an impending bachelorette in MIA
  • Celebrating Valentine's Day at my new job, with new people that I love to be surrounded by daily
  • Living life en fuego! No, literally. My car did catch on fire, and I had to car shop faster than a Nascar race (and not the fun, ripped jean shorts, Natty Light, corn hole and boot kind, either) 
  • Trying to stay warm cuddling my four fur babies
  • And painting my nails... a lot

Is it Summer yet?