Product Junkie

I am a product junkie. 

I cannot get enough. I can spend hours in the aisle of a Sephora, or browsing the makeup counters in Nordstrom and don't get me started on Aveda. But really, I love love love hair, makeup, face, body product.

And every once in awhile in a girl's product-obsessed life you cross paths with a few stunners. 

Allow me to introduce you to five such stunners.

Kardashian Beauty Hair Spray with Black Seed Extract. $15. Ulta.

Yes, I know. I love Kimmy K. But, even if I didn't there is no denying that her hair is on fleek. So, I picked up a bottle of the new hairspray from our fave sisters while browsing Ulta and it did not disappoint! The hold is pretty intense so you only need a bit but, the smell is amaze-balls. So good. 

St. Tropez Gradual Tan. $38. Sephora.

Why does it have to be so difficult to maintain a gorgeous bronze, without the sun? Not anymore. I've been addicted to St. Tropez Gradual Tan for two years and realized recently, that I haven't done my due diligence as a lady friend and told all of you about it! So, here I am. It smells delicious, goes on smooth and never streaky and you can use it as your body moisturizer every day. The color is warm and maintains for days even once you stop applying. It's the only self tanner I will use, and I hear the celebs love it too. So ya know, anything that works for them...

itCosmetics Your Skin But Better CC. $38. Ulta.

I had never heard of this wonder product until I finally decided to ask for help at the makeup counter—first time in my life. I wanted a light concealer that was still full coverage. I know. In a perfect world, right? But, our friendly Ulta Makeup Artist recommended itCosmetics. Apparently it made it's debut on the Home Shopping Network and has recently come to brick and mortar on our Ulta shelves. Home Shopping? That fact alone almost made me drop the bottle and run but, I am so glad I took a chance because it is fabulous! I love the coverage and it feels lighter than even my moisturizer going on. Perfection for summer with a 50 SPF.  

Olaplex No. 3. $15-$25. Stylists Only.

If you haven't heard about Olaplex, let me introduce you to the greatest hair innovation of this century. Olaplex is a treatment for your hair that multiplies bonds and fixes broken bonds. In other words, it rids your hair of split ends thus making it grow longer...faster. Additionally, this magic elixir is exactly what allows Kimmy K to go white blonde and black within weeks. (Don't try that at home). Ask your hairstylist to include Olaplex in your next color treatment and then grab the at-home bottle. For $15-25, it's a steal. You will be stocking up shelves of this shit, trust me.

Urban Decay Afterglow 8-Hour Blush. $26. Sephora.

I'm a bitch who loves blush. It's true. There's no denying. If you think my cheeks are too pink, you're probably right but there is zero shame in my blush game. When I saw the most beautiful plum blush color, new, from Urban Decay last month—I pounced. Then, I realized that the formulation is just as amazing as the plum color! The light-diffusing pigments enhance the plum, and my skin together. It's the perfect flush. Like you've been running on the treadmill. Except, then you don't have to run. At all. 

Happy Shopping, Ladies!