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Before the Fourth of July festivities and fireworks, I spent a weekend in Nashville with a few fabulous girlfriends to celebrate the marriage of one beautiful bride. Kara is getting married in under two weeks. I can't believe it!

To celebrate, we boarded a Southwest airplane (THE BEST. Thanks for the complimentary booze at 7 AM) and arrived in Music City. 

From the second we arrived, the party was on. We stopped at an airport bar, who denied us our god-given right to hard liquor at 8 A, and gave us beer instead to wait for another friend to arrive. One complimentary drink, one expensive airport beer (and public shaming) later and we were off to the city.

Beer numero uno.

Beer numero uno.

Our first activity (besides decorating the condo via VRBO like a Pinterest-dream) was the Pedal Tavern. 

You Guys.

If you go to Nashville, get on the Nashville Pedal Tavern. It was so much fun. You pedal around the city (or, your friends do, and you simply watch and scream profanities at them when they don't pedal hard enough if you're too short to pedal yourself) and drink. BYOB. We stopped at a few bars that had great shot deals in partnership with the Pedal Tavern and of course, sang and listened to live music. We played a game of flip cup on the tavern, Honky Tonk and Red Light Special and belted Miley Cyrus Party in the USA. I mean, her dad is Billy Ray. It only felt right.

Pedal Tavern crew ready to hit the town!

Pedal Tavern crew ready to hit the town!

Three hours later we were back at the condo, liquored up, laughing, screaming to songs and pulling ourselves together to go out. I have no idea how we managed to look presentable but, luckily Jack's BBQ doesn't care either way! This place looks like a hole-in-the-wall but, is so amazingly-good. No reservation needed, cafeteria-style delicious-ness.

(Blogger Note: Being a vegetarian in Nashville is apparently weird. And, when you go to BBQ joints, they will scoff at your ordering of a "Veggie Plate" or a plate of entirely Mac N' Cheese.)

Everyone is drunk at Jack's including us

Everyone is drunk at Jack's including us

After dinner we hit up the bars on Broadway. You cannot go anywhere, at any time of day in Nashville without hearing and seeing live music. It's an amazing thing. So much talent in one small area, it's like a free concert every hour of your day and personally, I couldn't get enough! 

The next morning, I was hurting. The ladies woke up for 10 AM yoga at Acme Feed and Seed. Yoga. At 10 AM. I wanted to die. After my first Downward Dog, I knew it was all over. I laid in Savasana and researched a little company called "Recovery Room Nashville."

Rough. The struggle was  so  real.

Rough. The struggle was so real.

(Blogger Note: I would have really enjoyed yoga on the rooftop bar if I hadn't been an idiot and drank my body weight in drinks, not slept, and thought I was 21 again the night before. The view was beautiful and the teacher was adorbs. It's a great option when in Nashville.)

A delicious brunch (that I did not eat) at The Southern and an uncomfortable cab ride (trying not to puke) later, my Queen Amanda arrived. I'll call her that because, she literally saved my life. 

Recovery Room Nashville is a service that you contact to order an IV of fluids and medicines/vitamins to rid you of your hangover blues. There are multiple packages, I chose the middle of the road while the other ladies grabbed the basic. A few dramatic screams later, we were all hooked up in the middle of our condo's living room sucking up fluids to cure the disgusting hangovers we'd acquired on Friday night. And by we, I mostly mean me. 

Me. In all my hungover attractive glory. 50 minutes later, I was on top of the World.

Me. In all my hungover attractive glory. 50 minutes later, I was on top of the World.

Hand to God, after my IV was finished I felt like I could run a marathon (but we all know I couldn't have)! My headache and nausea was immediately gone and I was ready for Round 2. If you're ever in Nashville look up these adorable, smart and successful ladies because they will turn your life around in a minute.

Dinner on our last night was at Husk. It doesn't get more hipster than Husk. Really. But it was an amazing meal, the service and setting was in-sane and the wine and champs were fabulous. All the delicious ingredients are locally sourced and the flavors just pop! If you're interested in visiting when you're in town- be sure to make a reservation far in advance. It's a city hot spot!

The ladies,  sober for once in the weekend , at Husk.

The ladies, sober for once in the weekend, at Husk.

After dinner, we hit up Broadway again. Dancing at Tootsies, listening to amazing live music, and people watching. At the request of the bride, we kept the penises to a minimum and opted for pins instead.

The beautiful bride & I in line for Tootsies.

The beautiful bride & I in line for Tootsies.

The next day, we boarded a plane back to #CLE. All a little less put together, a little depressed but with a lot of amazing memories. 

And, in four weeks, I get to do it all again with another beautiful bride! See you soon, Amanda at Recovery Room!