I'm Officially a Member of the Plastics

And on Wednesdays, we wear pink.

I went under the knife. 

OK. Not really. But, I did dip my toe into the world of plastic surgery.

Disclaimer: Now, before you all gasp, tell me I was beautiful before and that I shouldn't have done a thing—save your breath. Let's support women, men, whomever that wants to do something for themselves, improve something they've disliked or raise their self-confidence a bit. Shaming is not allowed here. 

So, what did I do? 

Botox and Juvederm. Basically, getting rid of a few forehead wrinkles, and adding pout to my lips.

Why did I do it?

Well, if you know me, then you know I have seriously terrible RBF (resting bitch face). It's a real problem. I scowl when I'm digesting someone's words and I sit way too close to my computer (without my glasses of course—because why would someone ever wear the Ray-Bans they purchased for too much money to see, to actually SEE) and focus so hard on the countless lovely emails I receive in a day.

The Botox got rid of a line on my forehead that was really bothering me and it works in amazing preventative ways. If you can limit the repetitive gestures (scowling, etc.) that eventually cause you wrinkles, you might not even get them in the first place and you certainly won't make them deeper!

Now, to the lips. I have always hated my thin lips. When I smile, my upper lip is completely gone and it drove me crazy! So, I decided to do a bit of Juvederm. 3 CCs to be exact in my upper lip, and just a few pinches in my lower.

What's the process like and does it hurt?

The process is different for everyone. When you arrive, you're given a consultation and photos are taken. Then you visit a room, fill out a bit of paper work and prepare to be numbed up. 

So does it hurt? No! A numbing cream goes on before your Botox and you're given a nerve block in your gums for your filler. So, a few pinches and then you feel nothing else at all!

Botox was one and done. So, I won't be back for that until next year. However, lip filler is a building process to keep it natural looking and bump-free. I've visited three times, and received 1 CC of Juvederm each time. Now, I'm done for about twelve months.

The Botox starts to work its magic within five days. You'll never even notice a mark. However, the filler—man was I bruised! I'll spare you the really bad photos but, be prepared to look a little crazy for a few days after. Within three days, the bruising was gone, swelling was gone and everything looks fabulous.

  The best. look.  ever.  Numbing up for the needles.

The best. look. ever. Numbing up for the needles.

  A bit of bumps and bruising. All which will go away in 3-4 days.

A bit of bumps and bruising. All which will go away in 3-4 days.

Where did you go to do this?

My Uncle Richard Gentile, MD. is an amazing Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon, Internationally recognized. He travels from offices in Youngstown, to Akron and Cleveland.

Here's where I tell you—do NOT buy a Groupon for filler, Botox or the like. If you're planning on getting some work done, go to the experts. My uncle specializes in FACIAL plastics. As in, the face. You wouldn't go to your veterinarian to get your gull bladder removed so you sure as hell shouldn't go to your dentist to get Botox in your face. Kapeesh?

Is it expensive?

A little. But if your interested in exact costs, call the office (of your chosen doctor or my fabulous uncle) and consult- they'll be happy to tell you what you might be looking at in terms of investment.

What's the maintenance?

For someone like me, in my later twenties, the Botox is less-frequent at around every six months. You will be able to tell when it starts to wear off to make another appointment. Fillers however can last over a year! 

Can you move your forehead?

Yes. This is my favorite question. Conservative is key and my uncle is the King of it. You should be able to make expressions, move your forehead and not look like the Kylie Jenner lip challenge at the end of all of this. A good doctor knows which muscles to inject on your face so your expressions remain. 

So what's next?

Nothing. This is maintenance and something that I really wanted to to for myself this year. There's a lot I'd probably love to get done someday (after children, in my late 50's etc.) but, I'm well-aware that it's just not necessary right now. Gracefully aging will be my goal, but I'm all about looking and feeling my best on the way.

So, if you're looking to make a few little improvements, call my uncle at Gentile Facial Plastic and Aesthetic Laser Center and he'll be sure to take care of you in the best possible way. 

If it's not for you yet, or ever, that's fine too! We all have to be our most-fabulous selves, whoever and however that may be.

  Before touching anything. After 1 and 2, still swollen & to-date.

Before touching anything. After 1 and 2, still swollen & to-date.

Until next time...