Lash me.

You guys.

I recently discovered the madness that is eyelash extensions. I’m not sure if you all are familiar but basically the Kardashians started it (like everything good in this world...contouring, highlighting, lip injections, you know...) with their real mink lashes reaching sky high heights. Katy Perry, JLo, and Kylie are also fans of the eye fur. 

I am all about trying new beauty techniques and trends so, I hooked up with my girl Maggie from Lash Loft to get a full set of beautiful lashes. However, I am not about spending $300 on my lashes when I need some cash-o-la for the botox maintenance people! Those gorgeous real mink lashes the celebs rock will cost you upwards of $300 for a full set. So, synthetic mink is the way to go. That's what I chose for my lashes.

I was completely unprepared. I wore eye makeup and came straight from work so the poor girl had to basically wipe off some serious black liner for an hour. (Not really but,  awhile).

  • Lesson 1- Don’t wear eye makeup to your appointment.
  • Lesson 2- Be ready to sit. You won’t be able to do anything but sleep, meditate, chat, maybe listen to some tunes or a podcast for TWO HOURS.

I know that this sounds like a long time, and it is. But, Maggie has assured me that many people nap and relax during their sessions. I, of course, chatted. But, if you needed a break from the chaos of it all, two hours without a cell phone, with your eyes closed and collagen pads under them making you younger by the second sounds pretty damn good. Am I right?

  • Lesson 3- Oil free errrything. Oil is your lashes worst nightmare. So, make sure you are using a proper liner, bottom mascara, makeup remover and face wash so your set lasts longer.
  • Lesson 4- Love on 'em! The first few days I totally wiped my eyes WAY too hard when removing eyeliner and lost some lashes. But, then I perfected the art of makeup removal gently, and have been fairly good since.

Maggie gives you a take home brush for your lashes. Brush them every day, twice a day to keep them nice and neat. 

The process is so interesting and I swear, this girl must have the patience of a SAINT.

First, a lash cleanser is applied and it removes any oils from the lashes and lash line and then a fan is used to dry the lashes.

Then, the collagen eye pads are placed OVER your bottom lashes to keep them at bay while the lash tech works magic.

After applying a lash primer to the top lashes, they are dried with a fan again, and the process begins.

Before any lashes are applied.

Before any lashes are applied.

Lash by lash, Maggie uses her two hands and two sets of tweezers to apply your extensions. The right hand to isolate a single lash, and the left to pick up the lash extension in the adhesive and place it onto the natural lash. ½mm away from your lash line. Insanity.

She moves from one eye to the next until your lash count is done. I did a full set, so that is every single eyelash. EVERY. SINGLE. LASH. PEOPLE.

The tools.

The tools.

Middle of the appointment, getting fuller and longer.

Middle of the appointment, getting fuller and longer.

When your lashes are done, you again fan to dry, they remove your eye pads and fan to dry again. No wetness (face wash water, sweat, face in shower etc.) for 48 hours to allow the adhesive to fully dry.

Gorgeous, full final lashes.

Gorgeous, full final lashes.

Every 2-3 weeks you should get a “fill” and maintain the fullness and replace any lost or grown out lashes. 

Before and after.

Before and after.

So, it’s a lot. There is maintenance and you do need to be a bit careful with these puppies. But, the benefits are a’ plenty.

  • They are gorgeously long. They can be super long, or medium or a mix. You can customize whatever look you are going for with Maggie and she’ll create it.
  • You look fierce with or without makeup every single day.
  • You never have to put on top mascara.
  • You take better care of your face and skin overall, because you’re maintaining your lashes. I’ve done more masks and exfoliating (being careful to avoid eyes) than I ever have. I want my skin too look as amazing makeup free as my lashes do so I can just run out on the weekend and feel confident no matter what!

The negatives: price can be an issue for some, time, the careful maintenance and the need to fill can also be deterrents, but in my opinion the benefits outweigh any negatives. 

I’m going back next week to get a fill. 

To make an appointment, email Maggie at or sign-up here.

To check out an awesome gallery of before and after, check out her Insta.

To get a look in real life, just check out my gor-ge-ous lashes.

PSA: The real issue with lash extensions right now is that you don't technically need to be certified to apply them. BEWARE of cheap Groupons or uncertified stylists. Be sure to ask if they are certified. If not, find someone else. You can have issues with glue ingredients, allergens etc. So, find a certified tech, or, duh! Just give my girl Maggie a call.

Until next time!