Holiday Gift Guide

‘Tis the season!

While I am all about being thankful for our blessings and spending time with family and friends, I’m also all about receiving some awesome gifts.

And giving them…I think


I could put together an endless gift guide with all of the ah-mazing goodies I’ve seen this year from many of my favorite brands. Instead, I thought it would be fun to do a guide based on those I actually gift in my life. (And no, to any of you on this list, these are not your gifts. Nice try!)

The Mom.

My mom is truly a saint. I’m pretty sure I’ve nearly killed her many times in my life from things like, being arrested; throwing parties in high school…you know the list goes on. She deserves a f*cking parade. I could create an entire guide just for her. But, here are a few things I think are perfect for mom.

A fab outfit. White House Black Market is the chic go-to for a professional woman over 40. I’ll admit, at first I was hesitant but now, I love their clothes. So well made, and nothing is too over the top. Pretty much everything you buy can be worn a million different ways. I love this this military jacket, these vegan leggings, and this long line vest.


The Dad.

If you know Jimmy, than you know he’s 1. A lunatic and 2. Hates everything everyone gets him. Every year, I play it safe and go with a tie. But if I were to stray, I love this rechargeable battery iPhone case and recharging dock. He’s always on the go and pretty much always on low battery since he discovered the world of Facebook.

He also loves vino. This Savino Enthusiast is amazing. It’s the best wine preservation system out there. No reason to toss a bottle you drank one glass of (I wouldn’t know because one glass is not in my vocabulary.) Recorking isn’t preserving. This puppy will keep your wine in tip top shape for the next glass.


The Man.

I think it is super important for a hot guy to have a few key items. Luckily, my man checks these off the list with grace (don’t get a big head.) They are: great shoes, great jacket (hello bombers), great denim, great watch, great sunnies and great wallet. OK maybe that’s more than a few.

So let’s focus on one or two. Wallet. By “great” I don’t mean full…but that too. I mean classy and sophisticated. If a man comes out on a date and whips out a velcro wallet? Bye. If a man comes out and whips out one of those card-only cases? Bye. I don't trust a man who doesn't carry cash. It's a personal rule. Canvas? Bye. This wallet from Louis Vuitton is gorgeous and perfect for the man in your life. Now, let’s talk jackets. A peacoat? Pass. I am all about a sexy bomber jacket this season. I love this version from Alpha Industries. Black goes with everything and this color in particular has the gold fastenings, which I think takes the jacket to the next level. Love.


Your sister.

My sister literally has everything so it’s hard to buy for her. But we have very different styles so I like to take the holidays as a time to buy her a few things that might be more me than her and spice it up a bit. Because what I might buy aren’t her day to day, I try to stick to more occasion wear, creating a “moment,” ya know?

I love this emerald ear crawler set from Baublebar. I can see a little black dress and these babies killin-the-game. Love. This nude lace top, and lace skinnys from J. Crew are perfection. Together it’s like jumpsuit meets pantsuit meets giving-me-life. With a red lip? A statement shoe? Just stop it.

She also was recently married so the girl is diggin’ a monogram currently. I love this adorable leather keychain in blush.


The future younger sister.

Maybe. Someday. But she’s younger and cooler than I am by far. So, I stick to what I know is cool—makeup. There are so many amazing discounted makeup gift sets available at the holidays. I love this Stila Bright and Bold All Day Liquid Lipstick set because it has the perfect holiday red and pink, plus a fun summer pink as well. I also know the flower crown of 2016 is the choker. And I know a choker. I love the basic black, but I also like an occasion choker like this option.


The kitten, lover, life best friend. Yes, that’s a thing.

Nicole loves to shop my closet. So I love to buy her outfits and accessories!

I love backless everything. But my boobs are way too big to ever make that work. Yes, I’ve tried everything. Nicole has the perfect body for anything! So, I love this easy t-shirt option from Lush. Wear it solo in the summer; with a leather jacket and moto-leggings in the winter. It’s versatile and stylish.

I love these fab destroyed jeans, too. The ankle detail takes them to another level. She would never buy them for herself but they would be ah-mazing in the winter with the shirt and a suede moto. I love the contrast of harsh winter wear with light denim for women. Ladies, winter whites are a thing! Don’t forget it!

Final touch? I love a cut out bootie. Love. I know we are moving past the season of wearing them but, it’s supposed to be 52 degrees this weekend so, hey! I’m also super in to a grey boot and over-the-knee is where it’s at. She would also never buy these for herself (she’s more of a clothing lover, less shoe lover) but they go with everything, which is important to my lady friend.

She is also a Pure Barre aficionado. While I would normally steer far away from giving workout classes to a lady, I know they are pricey and something she loves so, it’s different. Girls can give girls workout classes. Boys cannot. Got it? (Blogger Tip: Boys, if you know she loves PB, stick with an awesome PB outfit instead.)


The yoga loving best friend.

This is a toss up. I love the idea of a water bottle for Morgan as she is always teaching or taking a class. I am pretty obsessed with gifting Swells. They come in so many different sizes and patterns. It’s sentimental to pick out one that you feel best reflects a person you love.

And for this all-natural lover (or if you have an avid traveler,) I am obsessed with this This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. It’s an amazing natural sleep-aid that clams nerves and helps you drift off. Pack it in every suitcase and store one bedside. Finally, she loves a good time. A great time. And I love this hysterical Sonix phone case.


The teacher, feminine-flower friend.

Kara loves a bun. She is the queen of buns. They always look fierce and she has a gorgeous face and bone structure so it’s a no brainer go-to. I love this bun cuff from Jen Atkin’s to easily dress up any type of bun (messy, structured, sock etc.)

A massage/blowout/facial/etc. Kara is such a giver, she’s always doing for other so I would absolutely gift her a service at her favorite salon. (Blogger Tip: If you gift a specific service versus a bulk monetary card to the salon, it feels a bit more personal! Also, many salons with have BOGO services and gift cards for the holiday. Maybe you two can go together and make a day of it!)

Plus, she deals with annoying, smart-mouthed teenagers all day so, the girl needs some knots worked out. I’m sure of it.

A few general gifts that I keep in my back pocket always:

  • Mugs. I love mugs. I love to collect mugs and I love to give them. I think they are homey, thoughtful and fun. If you’re like me you drink coffee daily, so it’s a nice reminder you’re loved first thing in the morning.
  • Coffee table books. Again, so personal to pick out a book you feel is just perfect for that person.
  • Subscription services. I love this, as it’s a nice reminder that you love and care for someone all year long and there are so many to chose from you are bound to find something perfect for that someone.
  • Booze. Never visit a house for an occasion empty-handed. Bring a bottle of wine or a fun mix and match six-pack with you.

Happy gifting!