2016 in Photos

Well, 2016 was a zinger wasn't it? 

I can't tell you enough how ready I am for 2017. But I am trying desperately to remember that time is a gift, and rushing the last days of 2016...well, basically those 2016 things we hated, they still happened. No matter how fast 2017 comes. 

This year I've learned a lot about myself and most of those learnings came from experiences when I might as well have thrown myself in front of a moving train. (Poetic, I know.) But really, in those moments, that's exactly what it felt. I call it the self-inflicted struggle, friends.

But 2016 is almost over, and there were so many great moments in between that I'd be remiss to discount. I am grateful for every day spent with friends in my midst and love around me and within me. So, 2016 in photos, here goes nothing...

Trips and Tennessee. (and Tennessee, and Tennessee...)

Bachelorettes and Birthdays.

Babies and Browns games.

Beer buses and Beyonce.

Country concerts and CAVS.

Party at Napolis and Namaste.

Houses and Hillary.

Dogs and Dude(s)? Kidding.

Weddings and...Weddings.

Cheers to 2016! Wishing a blessed 2017 to all of my family and friends.