I Bought a House

I have yet again been neglecting my blog and you know what? I am not even going to make excuses for it. Life is crazy, the end.

So what have I been doing the past few months? (Obviously not blogging about The Met and Billboard awards.)

I bought a house. A little blue humble abode in the heart of Cleveland Heights.

 Thanks for the photo Trulia.

Thanks for the photo Trulia.

I went to Nashville.

And Chicago.

To celebrate two wonderful brides, one of which is getting married this weekend, ending their single life and promising to love and cherish their teammate till death do they part. (See I do have SOME feelings. I promise.)

I worked on the house. I painted, sanded, purchased, landscaped, purchased some more and drank...a lot.

I celebrated a best friend's birthday.

I worked on the house.

I kicked off summer with a few Indians games.

I worked on the house.

It's been an eventful and trying few months and I am more than ready to enjoy the sunshine and summertime with friends, family and my animals. But...



You didn't think I'd leave you without a few quick fashion notes, did you?

Met Gala. "Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology" was the theme for the 2016 event.

The Met Gala is where every celebrity goes to see just how ratchet they can make themselves look. The Met Gala with a technology theme, is where every celebrity goes to see how ratchet they can look in metallics. So you can imagine it would be difficult for me to select a worst. There were so many tragedies (Kimye, I'm lookin' at you! DVF, Kerry...I physically can-not.) The worst of the worst however, is Madonna.

I've been told that not liking Madonna is a cardinal sin since about 2004. But, I refuse to change my mind. I can't get down with her. At all. And this is a prime example of why.

While it was difficult to find, swimming through a see of metal, feathers and hair. So. much. hair. Two lovely ladies managed to stand out, slaying the rest.

Kendall Jenner. I would probably give her this even if I didn't love the concept of futuristic macramé simply because her body is in-sane. But really, this Versace on her is stun-ning and while on-theme and interesting enough, isn't disgusting (and that's apparently a big ask people!)

(As if you guys didn't know this, but Kate Hudson was a very close second.)

Next up, the 2016 Billboard Music Awards.

Again, similar to the Grammy's and Met, Billboard is an excuse to dress in-sane. And apparently, everyone got the memo. The men looked like they just rolled out of bed and/or have been living homeless for at least a few days (Pete, Ashton...) The women, well there were a lot of misses here. I won't even acknowledge ZLaLa because we all know that was ridiculous. How did she even sit down? Did they give her an entire row? Just stop it.

Because there are so many terrible ensembles, I am going to go with a worst dressed that I simply expected better from. Someone that should know better than to wear something this terrible, someone that never ends up on my worst dressed list. Demi Lovato.

I don't know if she was cold, hot, feeling skinny, feeling gross, trying to be edgy in a sort-of pantsuit with a not-at-all edgy mock Chanel jacket or what but this outfit could have been totally on point. Transform this mess by removing the gloves and jacket. She is flawless. Less is more and this outfit of layers ended up being too much.

(Blogger Note: Yes, I think Rihanna, Meghan Trainor and Tove Lo were freaking terrible too.)

Started from the bottom now we here...

The bad moms collectively, had me girl crushing hard. I found myself wondering if they needed a fourth, even considering adoption just so I could hang with these stone cold foxes. Ah-mazing.

My best of the night, Zendaya. This dress is the perfect color on her skin, it fits her slim body in all the right ways and makes a statement without being overstated. I love it.

Next up, wedding season! Stay tuned as I review the bride's wedding choices from gowns to decor...


Kidding. I think. ;)