Summertime and the livin' is easy

You guys. It's straight up summer. I don't know if you've been in the city over the last few days but is is mother 'effin HOT in hur. 

I also don't know if you've been looking at my Instagram lately (probably because...duh.) but my hair has been permanently up in a half messy bun channeling Khlo-Money consistently for two months for a few reasons. 1. If you know me, you know I have a straight hair concept. Meaning if it isn't poker straight, I can't deal. 2. It has taken its good ole' time getting to blonde and that's left my ends just a little bit rougher than usual. But don't worry, I've got my appointment with one Kelly hair extraordinare next week to cut those puppies off. 

Trust me, we are getting somewhere here. 

I used to thrive in the summer. Endless days and nights in the sun, hair down every day—especially at the pool and beach, oily skin bronzed perfection. And then...BAM! (Think My Cousin Vinny Marisa Tomei and the deer...) AGE.

Standing in the sun for four hours at the CAVS parade (well worth it) brought out at least two dark spots on my face that I knew were there but had spent months covering up with makeup and applying skin lightener religiously to. It's not OK. 

Blogger note: Yes I am aware these are from the endless days and nights of my youth. But I can't exactly change it now, can I?

My skin was so incredibly dry and burnt and splotchy after the parade, it was atrocious. So, I thought I'd take this enlightening experience (and impending South Carolina vacation) to share with you all some of my older age beauty favorites for summer.

1. Hat. Yes. This officially makes me an old lady. But honestly, I totally take back everything I've ever said about the women covered in hats and shade at the beach because you know what? They are going to be bang-in' and I am going to be a sickly spotted leopard. Not a cute one either. I've learned that shading your face is the best way to avoid discoloration and prevent age spots and wrinkles.

2. Sunscreen. This is a duh, right? Clearly it isn't because I consistently have to remind my friends to wear it every single day! I put 50 SPF on my face every day before makeup and my concealer also includes 50 SPF. In the summer, I also use Lubriderm SPF lotion. It's amazing. A God send. SPF 50 all over my body, no sunscreen feeling or smell. Because trust me ladies, those wrinkles and spots don't just show up on your face (Cue: Angelina Jolie's hands.) On that note, don't forget an SPF in your gloss or chapstick. I didn't pay for these lip injections just to have nasty, sun damaged lips my friends. Protect your investments.

3. Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil. I love this stuff. It's like crack. (I imagine...) Not only do I put this in my hair prior to drying (I try to avoid drying in the summer all together) but I bring it to the pool or beach with me and put it in my locks before going in, and when I jump out to avoid tangles and drying out from the chlorine and sun. Be sure to pack a wide tooth comb and brush that shit out when you get out of the water. Remember: tangles are for amateurs and Disney Princesses.

4. Self-Tanner. I'd love to tell you all I found the perfect self-tanner, but I haven't. I've been using San Tropez In Shower, and it's okaaayyy. But the point is, get a spray tan before vacation or throughout the summer as needed. Somehow maintain a faux tan so that you never have to get a real one. Because the real one, es no bueno. 

5. Lip Tint. I lurrrvee product. So I'm not one to say, "it's summer, take it easy on the makeup" but I really dislike sticky gloss or a heavy lip in the summer. Maybe it messes with the taste of my margaritas? Regardless, I did my own review of lip tints inspired by Cupcakes and Cashmere and have found that Stila Cherry Crush is my fave. It gives great color! I will say however, that I don't think any stain can withstand a night out. I always end up reapplying. 

6. Coconut Oil. Perfect for the times when you literally just could not put enough sunscreen on (ahem CAVS parade.) Also perfect for a hair mask every week to keep your locks moisturized in the dry summer heat. Really, there is nothing that Coconut Oil can't do. If you're not drinking the Koolaid, you should be. It's everything.

7. Bug Spray. I seriously get eaten alive 24/7. I like to think it's because I have olive oil running through my veins but really, I think it's because I can't live without perfume. That said, bug spray can be full of chemicals and ya'll know I don't get down with that. I love Badger Bug Repellent with SPF 34. It's a pretty strong lemon scent, though. Not into that? I've heard good things about Malin + Goetz as well, no residue or overwhelming smell.

Help a sister out! What are a few summer products you can't live without?