2017 Book List

I don't know if you all have already been planning your book lists for this year, but thanks to an impending trip to Mexico, my lists were set extremely early! I thought I'd share the books I'm looking forward to reading in 2017 and maybe, before 2018, I'll wrap them up for you!

Tools of Titans. This book written by Tim Ferriss has been getting ALL the praise lately. You may have read his book The 4-Hour Work Week. His podcast is amazing, if you have time to subscribe and listen, do it. Basically, this is a book that is a practical and inspiring guide to being your best self. Who couldn't use more of that?

Managing Oneself. This book is all about cultivating a deep understanding of yourself. Your strengths and weaknesses, how you work, how you operate, how you learn. In today's world, it's up to us to keep a productive career—companies today aren't managing their knowledge workers careers—we are our own CEO. So, let's learn how to do it well.

The ONE Thing. We all want less. Less emails, less calls, less stress. But we also want more. More productivity, more income, more satisfaction. How do we this? We learn the ONE thing from Gary Keller.

The Power of Now. So, I never really subscribed to The Secret. It just wasn't my jam. But as a recommendation from a spiritual guide, I am excited to dive into this book. Learning how to live a pain-free identity by living fully in the present. Less manifestation, more presence work. 

The Daily Stoic. This is a daily read. Wake up, read one page. Easy as pie. It's a year of quotes and life lessons from the three great Stoic sages.

Love Warrior. Love Warrior is a story of Glennon Doyle Melton (author) found in a marriage dissolving due to infidelity, hitting rock bottom and working to acknowledge that her deepest pain, held her invitation to a richer life. It guides us all to learning how we are born to be warriors: strong, powerful and brave. Able to confront pain and claim love that exists everywhere. It's a great read for anyone looking for deeper relationships and a more abundant and authentic life. Hello? All of us. 

The Universe Has Your Back. I've always been a huge fan of Gabrielle Bernstein. She is truly an enlightened woman that's lessons are practical enough for me to grasp on to, but enlightened enough that it connects to a higher power. The stories and lessons in the book guide us to release all of the blocks keep us from: happiness, security, clean direction. Relinquishing control so we can stop chasing life and just live.

The Anatomy of the Spirit. Another recommendation from a spiritual guide, it's a presentation of energy medicine. Showing how illness corresponds to a pattern of emotional and psychological stresses, beliefs and attitudes that correspond to areas of our body. A focus on the Chakras and seeing our body in a new way. A new hobby of mine, you may say.

And FINALLY, finish How Not To Die. The vast majority of deaths can be prevented through changes in diet and lifestyle. The top causes of premature death in America, things like: heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Parkinson's, high blood pressure and more, can be prevented and even intervened upon due to nutritional and lifestyle changes.

So, with a few vacations and a goal of less TV at night (I'm a terrible sleeper,) I think I've got it on lock. 

What are you reading? Any of these you might pick up?