Gift Guide: Men, this for you. This is Valentine's Day.

Men. In just about one week, the day where love is in the air, cupid is flying high and chocolates are an essential food group is here.

So, I’m going to help you out and drop a little knowledge. Because let’s admit it, you need a lot of direction. A lot.

And honestly, I’m really against red roses in general. I also don’t want a heart shaped chocolate box. And I certainly do not want an Everlasting, Best Friends, Soulmate…whatever the f*ck necklace, ring or bracelet from any store in the mall that you saw on a commercial. Not for me. I mean, they are great and all for others, but just not my vibe.

Here are my top 5 gifts for Valentine’s Day

Perfume. What could be more romantic than a gorgeous scent picked out by a significant other because he thinks it’s perfect for you? Nothing. Unless it smells terrible and in that case, that’s what gift receipts are for. Currently, I’m obsessed with My Burberry Black. It’s amber and musky and I love it. But, if your girl typically goes floral, this isn’t for her.

Jewelry. There are so many places to get great jewelry that is extremely well-made while being unconventional and fun as well. I love these stacking rings on Etsy, anything from Catbird and Baublebar is sure to go over well.

Sneaks. I luuurve a good his and hers sneaker situation. I have been seriously coveting these adorable Nike’s for-ever and—they’re pink! Perfect for your Valentine. Then pick up a pair for yourself and watch the “Awww” on her face.

Books. Books are so personal. I love, love, love a coffee table book. You only buy someone a coffee table book if you know it’s something indicative of their style and personality and that they will love to put it out for everyone to see on their…you got it, coffee table. If you’re wondering what’s on my wish list, duh.  But, this Kate Moss by Mario Testino is amazing too. So chic.

Lingerie. Not cheap lingerie. I like a Victoria’s Secret, but it’s been done and a little tired, right? Throw her off with a gorgeous, delicate unique piece or two. I’m obsessed with For Love and Lemons. It's my go to in pretty much all things summer weddings and lingerie. I die for it. Just die.  L’Agent by Agent Provocateur (an affordable version for us champagne taste, beer budget’ers) and Fleur du Mal are great, too.

A few other ideas: a framed print, a great candle, a pair of shoes (always), lipstick (a fun red color, love a theme) or her favorite but expensive sugar scrub/lotion/facial oil.


Blogger note: If your lovely lady has a Pinterest page, buy something off of it and you’re sure to be a winner.

Second Blogger note: These are general gifts. If your girl loves a particular hobby, that’s always a win. Yoga mat? Yoga clothes? I swoon. Get it?

Third and final note: If you know her favorite store, walk in and ask for help. A lot of stores have records of past purchases for their loyalty members. The clerks can take a look, get a feel for her style and help you pick out something killer.

Good luck and happy shopping!