It never ends.

You guys.

I am back. Can't get rid of me.

A blogging hiatus not by choice, but because I’m lazy and prioritized other things. Though clearly working out was not one of those things because I’m no skinnier than I was before.

So, quick catch up:

  • I’m getting married in July in HHI
  • I’m sure I’ve bought at least 3 designer bags since we’ve last chatted and clearly have no concept of what my actual salary is and live in an imaginary world where I am the actual Daddy Warbucks.
  • I have a new job. I’m sure you can figure out where I work on the World Wide Web but it’s like, an actual corporation and therefore, this blog is no bueno.
  • I’ve definitely consumed copious amounts of Real Housewives. OMG! And Tre! Was Tre in jail when we last chatted and now she’s FREE? I can’t remember timing. But that’s totally unintentional solidarity with our favorite lady from New Jersey.
  • AND JUSTIN AND SELENA? Did they literally break up and get back together in the time we were apart? 

So much has changed. And so much has stayed the same.

I’m excited to be back at it. Maybe I’ll go full force this time, but probably not so keep expectations low.