The Globes '18

This year’s Golden Globes were nothing short of amazing. I found myself wanting to find a black gown in my closet (because ya know your girls got one on hand) and watch the awards in solidarity with my fellow women.

The time has absolutely run out on all sexual assault, harassment and inequality in the workplace for all genders, sexes, races and ethnicities. It has always been and is now, time to do something about it.

I think back to my mom and all of the other women before her who I can only imagine, had it much worse than I. I see their success and know that the path was not easy, the road was rough.  I’m sure many of the great women who’ve come before me are all shouting, “It’s about time!”

It is.

The red carpet was filled with inspirational women using their platform to discuss this most important topic. As you all know, the women wore black to represent the movement and some also chose to bring powerful women advocates in the space as their dates. They were relentless about keeping on topic, steering conversations back to the real issues when asked about their nominations or body of work. I was so impressed.

While I would have appreciated more involvement of the men in the conversation, as so many also wore black, and their Time’s Up pins to show solidarity, I appreciated their show of effort either way. I do however think it’s important that we involve both male, female, fluid, any and all genders and sexes in the conversation. So I was hoping the media would demonstrate that themselves.

It feels a bit shallow to do a best and worst dressed knowing the purpose of wardrobe at this event. But, shallow is my middle name, so let’s do this bitches!

Those that hit…

First, Reese, Eva, Salma, Ashley. Founding members of Time’s Up. This is a girl group that I want to be a part of. Because I don’t believe those Tay Sway niceties for anything, fuck her. These ladies are where it's at! They looked beautiful in their own styles and I loved it all.

Who else did we love?

Margot Robbie in Gucci. Ohhhh those embellishments. Girl. It’s no surprise that Rachel Zoe dresses her because our style speaks to each other. Also, she told reporters she was battling the flu. So, there’s that. I recently battled the flu too and I looked just like that. Just kill me already.

Millie Bobby in Calvin Klein. Yes, I love Stranger Things but more than that, I love a young actress that dresses perfectly her age, but in high fashion. Her ear crawler and those amazing braids with a short, fun black dress and simple cat eye? Dead. I’d like to think this is how I dressed at her age but I know my ass was somewhere bronzed with silver eye shadow up to my eyebrows and a dark lip liner with Bonnie Bell Cappuccino gloss. So…enjoy that visual.

My very best of the night goes to Zoe Kravitz in her Saint Laurent column gown. Honestly this look is so simple that it’s clear her body and gorgeous face are the stars. She is just unreal. The beautiful emerald jewels, simple makeup and peaks of her little black and grey tattoos…honey I was there for it. All the way there. In California there.

Other loves: Gal Gadot, Jamie Chung, Madeline Brewer, Kate Hudson (sans headband), Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman.


Those that missed…

Debra Messing. I’m sorry for this roast, because I loved that you called out E! on E! regarding Cat Sadler. It was all just so much. The sparkles, the pants, the harsh eye. I am all about going big, but I do think there’s something to the, if you’ve got a dark eye, chill on the lip. If you’ve got a busy dress, chill on the makeup. The entire thing was just so busy.

SJP. Someone tweeted, “I don’t know if this will make sense to everyone but Carrie Bradshaw > SJP.” And that spoke to me on levels that I can’t explain. PREACH. It’s just always overkill. I honestly feel like she’s your weird 8th grade art teacher or neighbor or something with too much metal and hair happening, always. Or homeless layering. Sometimes we get that from her, too. Neither is good.

Halle Berry. We get it. You had a baby when you were like seventy-five. You're young, hip, you know the 4-1-1. It’s just way trying way too hard, too young and way too informal for this red carpet. 











My controversies: (AKA, those that are against what the “people” overall are saying.)

  • Tracee Ellis Ross. I just think it would have slayed if she would have done a statement head piece. Just not the same fabric as her gown. That’s all!
  • I did not like Issa Rae. Sorry, I just thought it looked a little cheap and there again, was too much happening overall.
  • I wasn’t into Diane Kruger. It’s really hard to do a cape. The end. Actually no, I’m not done. If anyone can do it, it’s her.
  • I liked Kerry Washington. I couldn’t decide but then I decided I am actually into the boots with the look.

Again, as a whole the event was amazing. My girl Oprah giving the best speech of my lifetime, and brought her boo to the event (with an INSTA post of it! Insta offish Redmondddd) #OprahForPresident ya'll, and all of the amazing shows of support for quality from the men and women in not only their field, but all others.


Cheers to that in 2018, guys!


Image cred: Vanity Fair, Getty, LA Times