Can you believe it's not this?

Although my fashion insights are hella' fresh and you're probably like, "Why doesn't this girl work for Vogue?" This is just my fun space.

By day, I am an eight-year digital marketing expert with an extremely multidisciplinary background. If you’re looking for someone with knowledge from paid social to programmatic, and from social strategy to web production and SEO, KPIs to reporting platforms and SEM to CRM, influencer marketing to media relations...

I’m the woman.

Born, raised and schooled in Cleveland, Ohio I attended Kent State University for my undergrad and even went back for graduate school after the PTSD wore off. Kidding. I had a great time, Go Flashes!

My background is unique in that I started my career in account service. I quickly realized that 1.) It's arguably the hardest job in an agency and 2.) It's not for me. And man, did I love Facebook. So I moved. Into the public relations practice. I had a smart mentor who said, if you're going to move into this practice, you have to know traditional PR too. Hence, masters degree.

Growing up in small agencies here in Cleveland, we work extremely smart and extremely fast with collaboration at the core of everything we do. I’m passionate about being a great team member myself, and understand what a great honor it is to manage and mentor a team of talented people that I can advise and learn from.

Lebron ain't the only thing that works hard around here. Cleveland advertising agencies are made up of some of the best, most talented and hardest working people I know.

I have a track record of coming up with winning strategies. I can begin to identify digital connections opportunities and visualize ecosystems from the minute I’m briefed. While the majority of my experience lies in social media including influencer marketing, my experience at small agencies who believe in cross-training—at Marcus Thomas and then my leadership at Brokaw, Inc.—have allowed me to grow in many directions and become extremely well-rounded in all aspects of the digital environment.  

It's truly amazing to me the sheer amount of areas I've been lucky enough to work in and learn about. I know without a doubt, that this is absolutely what sets me apart from the crowd. 

So, yes. I do actually do something other than watching awards shows and stalking Kylie Kardashian. And dare I say, I'm better at it!?